We make typefaces

Raw material

At dt-58 we make raw material. Yes, we assume typography as a raw material for design. And as producers of raw materials we understand that our work will be a link in a larger production chain that will be transformed and given shape and meaning thanks to the effort, commitment and knowledge of graphic designers.

That is why for us the relationship with the designer -our client- is desirable and indispensable. If you have a requirement about our typographical sources, you just need to contact us.

Exclusive typographies

In the first place, you should know that our fonts are only sold on this site. And that only 58 user licenses are released. Therefore, the typefaces that you acquire in dt-58.com have a very high exclusivity component and, with this, they offer a significant identity quota to the products and graphic pieces in which you use them.

Character map expansion

We produce fonts following the guidelines of DOGMA58. They oblige us to understand the language for which we create typography. But we live in this world… so, if you need a broader character map to cover your communication needs, we can work together with you to develop it.

We produce the expansion you need – without charge * – and you help us checking that it operates correctly, respecting your language and your cultural context.

Request for the development of fonts

We can contemplate your technical, functional or aesthetic needs for the development of new typographies.

The new fonts developed from this collaboration scheme will be commercialized through dt-58.com with the usual features and limitations in our fonts; its retail price will be within the usual ranges.

*: We will expand the Latin character map; the designer requesting the expansion must be a native speaker of the language in question.